Families in Germany


Hello, we are Charlie, Birte, Anna and Sarah from Göttingen and we are going to tell you something about a typical family in Germany.
The majority of the families in Germany consists of parents and two children but it is also conventional to be a single-mother or a single-father raising the children alone.
In Germany one out of three marriages gets divorced. In most families both parents work while the childrens are at school, so there is not much time left for the family life, but on the weekend.

For example Annas family consists of her parents and her little sister Lelo. While she and her sister are at school, her parents are at work. They live in a house in the city Göttingen.
The parents of Sarah are divorced and so she’s living with her mother. She has no siblings and once a week she goes to her father.

If there’s anything left you want to know then just ask us!

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