Göttingen – Stadt, die Wissen schafft


Hello Global Friends,

we are Hendrik and Maurice from class 9bil from the Hainberg- Gymnasium in Göttingen. We both are 15 years old and just in the right age to present you our hometown Göttingen out of the view of a young person, getting arround in the city

Göttingen is a city in the middle of Germny in the federal state of Lower Saxony. Whole Germany is divided up into 16 districts, named federal states. These states have their own little governments and school-systems.

With about 130.000 inhabitants Göttingen is an average sized city. It was fouded in the years around 1150 and since then it turned into a very nice city. The Georg-August University made Göttingen famouse for its outstanding research in science.

Because of the parks all around Göttingen for example the Schillerwiesen and the Cheltenhampark it is a green and friendly city. The historical city centre remindes the you of  living in the past.  The Gänseliesel is the most famouse  sight in Göttingen and also the town’s landmark. If a student from our famouse university has graduated he or she is supossed to kiss the Gänseliese in the city centre.

Hope to recive an other article about your city…



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  1. Hey iam called Joanita , i stay in kampala Uganda , our city is quite good, with good hearted pipo , i study from somero Uganda where i happen to spend most of my time ,oh ya its really a nice place for the youth around kawempe division . Good to meet you on line ,God bless you. Joanita Abomugisha

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