typical clothing in germany


Hello global friends,

We are Paula, Leah and Alina from the class 9bil from the Hainberg-Gymnasium. We would like to give you an idea of the clothing style of us teenagers in Germany.

The clothing in Germany is very different to how we imagine yours. Due to the fact that there is no prescribed clothing, we spend a lot of time on our outer appearence, including clothing, make-up and hair, especially we girls! We do this because it’s standard here, but nevertheless we all have our style which we find very important. Obviously because of the weather, in the winter we often wear long jeans or thermo-tights with a t-shirt and a jumper, and most importantly a scarf. In the summer we prefer to wear short trousers and thin top, skirts or dresses, combinded with pumps or flip-flops.  Unfortunatly in the summer it isn’t often as warm as we would like it to be, so we have to wear jeans also in the summer!

We hope we gave a good idea of what we like to wear and what we wear for what season.

Liebe Grüße, Alina, Leah and Paula! 😉


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