Waiting for the holidays…


As school sometimes is very exhausting, we need to have some free time to relax.

Four times a year we enjoy the holidays, in which we don’t have to think about school and homeworks. The Easter-, the Christmas- and the autumn holidays last about two weeks, while the big holidays in summer at the end of the school year last six weeks.

Everybody spends his or her free time in another way, but in Germany it’s common to travel to another country or to see some other places of Germany. Most families like basking in the sun and swimming in the sea, for example in Italy, France or on Mallorca, especially while the weather in Germany is already cold or rainy in autumn.

In the winter holidays,  the snow is loved by nearly everybody. Children go sledding,  ice skating or build some nice snowmen. Additionally some people go skiing in the mountains in Austria or Bavaria, which is a lot of fun!

All in all the students always look forward to the next holidays even if the last are just over.

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