* Christmas in Germany!! *


Have you ever seen the bright light in Germany on Christmas day? Do you know the feeling when everybody is looking around and searching for a Christmas present? Can you imagine the smell of gingerbread, cinnamon and fir needles is in the air?.

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!! It’s one of the most beautiful times in the year and everybody is waiting 12 hard months for this lovely time. Everywhere there is the scent of backed biscuits and of covertness and you can see people in the street with beautiful packed presents and surprises. You are feeling like an angel, walking through the wonderful lightened streets and also in your house it seems to be in a dream. On 24th of December the whole family is sitting near the Christmas tree, singing Christmas songs, eating delicious food and especially the little children are very happy to receive and open their gifts. In many houses they are also talking about the birth of Jesus or are probably praying to god. When finally the Christmas days are over, everyone is looking forward to the next Christmas time in the following year.

Yours Marina and Laura 😉

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