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Typical food in Germany


In comparison to Uganda we mostly consume food, which doesn’t originate in Germany. If you asked a foreigner about what food is typical of Germany he would answer: sauerkraut,beer and pretzels. But in fact this is the food from a South German federal state called Bavaria. We prefer food from other countries like pizza or spaghetti bolognese from Italy, sushi from Japan or burgers from the USA. In contrast to what you told us about your food we do have the opportunity of buying local food in our shops and markets but many Germans prefer the offers we already mentioned. We know that buying global is a big problem in globalization,  so we have great respect for your way of life. But not all Germans live like this. For example we just had a Veggie-day at our school and even though it wasn’t very succesful, we all noticed that there is a strong movement against todays situation.

While reading this you probably noticed the big difference between your and our food habits. So we would be grateful for receiving a recipe of your favourite food. If you are interested in cooking on ouf our favourite dishes just write and we send it to you next time.

Take care Julian and Konni